I know, I know… long time no see ;)

It has been a long time people, i know…

my apologies to everyone who started following me a while back, life just happens and i was more on my facebook page then on my actual BLOG,

but this will change. Having the computer back and running makes life easier and helps me and my blog too. How has life been treating you all?

Hope everything cool like here, changing my job once again but this time i think it is the real deal! I can feel it! I have been waiting for this

opportunity a LONG time, and God only knows whats good. So here we go, starting coming Monday at the biggest Insurance place of WA, OR, ID and UT.

I am really excited to be a part of them 🙂 wish me luck!

For right now you can catch up if you like on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/Germangirlblog/ , I got lots of new posts there, something for everybody!

New BLOGS will be on here on a daily basis now, come back and check it out!

Thanks to you all and stay safe out there, Jutta

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    8. don’t worry, all writers have a similar experience! i sure have, and it’s damn frustrating to have a thought flash thru your mind, so you busily rush to get to the place where you can jot thrust it from your mind, and at that moment you realize that brilliant other fleeting thought has just been misplaced, and then you retrace “the steps” in your mind, and sometimes, that thought just is gone. so good, yet so fleeting! damn.

    9. Lachlan Murray on Great list of books, Brad. I just read the Opening Doors review in the Straight and found out about the project. This is exciting. Excavating some of Vancouver’s literary past — important at a point in the city’s development when we seem to be plowing a lot of the living heritage under. I like the penchant for the offbeat that you and the committee show here. That feels right for the way I imagine Vancouver used to be, as opposed to the way it’s in danger of becoming.

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    4. Joyce,Co-worker’s husband at their LBI house today doing his “grab-and-go”. He was told the island will shut down for three months. Apparently he and the neighbors are all trying to straighten out their homes as much as possible before heading out. I would think that anyone who got any water will be hit with mold if they can’t get back in for an extended period. As far as I have heard mold is not covered by insurance, so that can’t end well…

    5. It is amazing to me that everybody lived after that accident, judging by the looks of those cars.I drive through Southport on my way to work. There are two different intersections between the Post Road (in front of Peoples Bank) and the Southport Racquet Club. It is a rare day that I don’t see at least one SUV mom, often on the phone, blow through one of those stop signs.And, for anyone who needs a refresher, the law in Connecticut is “right turn on red light, AFTER COMING TO A FULL STOP.

    6. pour moi, perso, cette histoire de laporte, c’est tout bon…soit nous, l’equipe de France, gagne…et jesuis fier et content,soit nous perdons, et outre se payer l’entraîneur/looser,nous pourrons clamer partout…« sarko gagne les élections mais perd les matches,avec jospin, on a peut être perdu les élections mais, au moins,on a gagné la coupe du monde… »j’essaierai de mettre ça en musique au cas où…

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    10. Ever since the first season was released on free to air in Adelaide Australia I have been a born again terminator fan and purchased my very own 9 episode season 1. I have been pining for season 2 only to hear the season 3 is being canned and me not even seeing season 2 yet …Grrrr. They should bring Arnie out of mothballs from California to terminate Fox. I’ve loved Summer Glau ever since Fire Fly, great choice to play the terminator. Lets hope that season 3 can be revived and hits the ground running.

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