I know, I know… long time no see ;)

It has been a long time people, i know… my apologies to everyone who started following me a while back, life just happens and i was more on my facebook page then on my actual BLOG, but this will change. Having the computer back and running makes life easier and helps me and my blog too. How has life been treating you all? Hope everything cool like here, changing my…

June 23, 2016

It has been a while..

Still in shock… about the terror attack in Paris and the bomb threat in Germany. My thoughts and prayers go out to all families who lost loved ones, injured and for all fighting this craziness. What has this world become? It makes me sad but also angry. I will not share my political thoughts on this page, I just pray for peace on earth! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Jutta  …

November 19, 2015

Ad on to 11.11 :)

ALMOST FORGOT… … th 5th season also had another tradition, my grandma always did follow up with pride. She made some homemade soup, most of the time potato soup and ‘Berliner’. Also called “Fasnachts-Kuechle’ or ‘Faschings-Krapfen’. So to say a Doughnut with a marmelade filling, most of the time strawberry…. Ohhhh how i miss that!

November 12, 2015