ME :)

Hello and Welcome to my BLOG 🙂

I want to tell you a little bit about myself, my name is JUTTA … yes you read it right, JUTTA! I tell everybody who is looking at me with a big question mark on their face and disbelieve that they can go ahead and pronounce my name like the State UTAH, lol. Makes life much easier for me and gives me and all the new people I meet a laugh right away. On the other hand … friends I made over the years are teasing me a lot and calling me MONTANA, OKLAHOMA, OHIO… you name it – they got it! Anyways… I am born and raised in Germany, decided about 9 years ago to make a big move across the ocean to start a new life in the United States of America, Washington State! Me and my girls (15 and almost 11 that time) sold everything, said our ‘good bye’s’ with tears in our eyes and did it. It wasn’t always easy but worth all the effort. My oldest is married to a great young man and not living too far from me (no grandkids yet…lol) and my youngest is a Sophomore at WSU, Pullman WA. I met my wonderful husband and his daughter and we are blessed and happy that our now 20 year old girls get along like twins. She is also a Sophomore at EWU, Cheney WA. I will tell you more about my life in Germany, places to go, german receipes to cook etc later on in different blogs. I hope you like my page and thank you already for stopping by and reading it. JUTTA